About Us

Dazzle Wellness Centre is located at a serene picturesque location on PA Unneeri road, Malaparamba, Calicut. It is an aesthetically done up space with comfortable polished wooden flooring to ease your feet and mirrored wall to suit your needs, adding to the beauty. The place is far away from the madding crowd, yet a very happening place.

Dazzle Wellness Centre is the upshot of a couple Jagannath and Jyothi, who incubated the idea of a dance school, having recognized the dearth of proper dance schools for western dance in Calicut. Jyothi has a passion for dance and music although she is not a trained dancer. Jagannath who has travelled the globe is passionate about fitness. Together they set up Dazzle Wellness Centre. Dazzle Wellness Centre is an exciting new dance studio that offers dance instruction and workout facility to children, teens and adults. Dazzle has something for everyone. The dances, workout-schedules and yoga, focus on providing enriching experiences to expand and refine individual skills and tone your bodies.

At Dazzle, qualified and experienced hands who have proven their mettle guide you through the various forms of dances, workouts and yoga. Our faculty are specialists in specific dance forms/styles. Our instructors are trained dancers, certified teachers and experienced professionals.

What sets us apart is our unique offer of customized dances specially choreographed for schools /colleges /corporate events and reality shows.

Our goal at Dazzle Wellness Centre is to offer dance training of the highest possible calibre. So what are you waiting for? Visit us and grab the best that Calicut can offer!