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If you thought yoga is just for those interested in slow and boring movements you are quite wrong. Yoga can actually help you deal with a variety of issues, helps you lose weight, improves your stamina and even beats migraines and insomnia. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, here are the 8 health benefits of yoga that you must know about.
  • It’s a total body workout : Yoga gives you all that a gym can but in a peaceful, safe and more holistic way. It stretches out the muscles in your body, gives you rock hard abs, strong arms, toned buttocks, a strong backand legs.
  • It will help you lose weight: Breathing techniques followed during the practice of yoga, strengthens the mind-body connection and helps you deal with emotions that fuel stress eating. Apart from that yoga is a very effective form of exercise that can be performed even by obese people, giving them the chance to lose weight by engaging in a form of exercise that tones the entire body, fuels the metabolic system and helps burn fat – leading to weight loss.
  • It’s a great stress buster : Stress is usually thought of as an innocuous condition that can be ignored, but it can actually wreak havoc on your body.. Here’s where yoga comes into the picture. Not only does it help calm the mind but also helps beat the ill effects of free radicals and helps build your immunity.
  • Inner Peace : Yoga demands that the practitioner concentrate and focus on what their body is telling them – to notice their breathing pattern, concentrate on the body and calm the mind to simply concentrate on themselves. Moreover, this entire practice does not over stimulate the body and mind – making you calmer and more poised.
  • It will boost your immunity : Yoga actually affects the way your body reacts to attacks on your immune system. It stimulates changes in gene expression and boosts your immunity at the cellular level. Yoga was found to help improve one’s immunity by improving your overall health.
  • It will improve your flexibility : Ever wanted to touch your toes with your fingers without bending your knees? Well, yoga can help with that. The practice of yoga helps the body gently regain its flexibility by stretching out the muscles of various areas without causing any harm to them. The best part about yoga is that as you keep performing it, you will see that your flexibility greatly improves.
  • It will help you master breathing properly : When you perform any pose in yoga, you are taught to breathe in and out with a certain pace and manner. Moreover deep breathing has been known to help fight off lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.
  • And also help you sleep better : Suffering from insomnia? Well, yoga might just be what you need. Regular practice of yoga help chronic insomniacs deal with the disease. It helped improve their sleep patterns – helping them sleep better, stay awake during the day and made them feel more energetic.